The Collect Group are all about creating clever solutions to parcel-related problems. Those problems are not limited solely to the collection and delivery of customer orders; we’re committed to investigating the logistics market and monitoring changing customer requirements. Those requirements have changed dramatically in the last 10 years, with a definite shift towards mobility, data integration and information sharing and process automation. Our solutions are aimed at increasing the amount of parcel-related processes that can be completed and the accuracy of information shared, without increasing the time and effort required.


CollectPro is a software-first logistics platform, which allows users to manage multiple online storefronts and marketplace accounts from a single, integrated portal.

This portal gives them the ability to quickly compare and select delivery services from multiple providers, and automatically book collection, generate shipping labels, update tracking and shipping information across all of their orders, regardless of which platform it originated from.

CollectPro minimises the time and hassle of order processing and postage booking, within an intuitive and mobile-responsive portal.


The CollectPro software runs in tandem with a fleet of local collection vehicles. These vehicles make the collections direct from our clients, and drop the parcels at our partner delivery hubs for distribution into the courier network.

Each driver takes ownership of their own route, giving our clients a  predictable schedule and a familiar face for each collection, as well as ensuring accountability and strong standards of customer service.

Operational Mobile Apps

Our CollectPro drivers are assisted by a bespoke mobile application, developed for both Android and iOS platforms, which manages their collection route each day.

When a client books a collection via their CollectPro platform, this booking is added to the next-available slot in real time, meaning that a client can continue making sales and adding parcels to a collection until the driver arrives. 

White-Label Solutions

The Collect Group have successfully packaged and white-labelled our software and logistics platform for other organisations. This enables them to roll out new services or features rapidly, without extensive development and testing time and costs.

By harnessing our tried-and-tested model, logistics couriers can access a powerful, secure and software platform, as well as physical logistics support, with reduced capital investment and development costs.